August 4, 2011

Change Yourself Change Your Life!

One night a father was relaxing, watching television after a long day at work.  However, his little girl kept pestering him to play.  Finally, he ripped out a picture of the globe that was in a newspaper and tore it into a hundred tiny pieces.  He told his daughter to try to put the picture back together, hoping that this would keep her busy long enough for him to finish watching a show.  To his amazement, his daughter returned after only a couple of minutes with the globe perfectly put back together.  When the shocked father asked how she achieved this feat, the daughter smiled and said, "Daddy, on the other side of the globe there was a picture of a person, and once I got the person together, the world was okay."

July 29, 2011

Moving Through Transition

Life as you know it is over.  The thought hit me like a ton of bricks.  I felt sick to my stomach. 

A career opportunity presented itself and my husband accepted a position in Chicago.  While I never imagined leaving Maryland for the Windy City, I embraced the idea.  I looked forward to the new beginning and anticipated having the opportunity to pursue some of my own personal goals.  Moreover, I knew that God was in control and had great things in store for us.  I could not turn my resignation letter in fast enough! 

However, after the last box was unpacked and the dust settled, I found myself depressed.  All of my support systems were gone.  I was in a new city.  I no longer had my family and friends.  I no longer had my job.  Plus, the weather was terrible – I could not wrap my mind around how cold it was – even the sunshine was gone. 
Lord Jesus, I gave up my job!  

I lost my sense of self.  Who am I supposed to be now?

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